General and specialty digital medical intake modules


Empower parents to provide a medical history on their child.

This is a tailored Pediatric history module for ages 2 – 16 years.

Suitable for: Emergency, Urgent Care, Walk-in and Primary Care clinics.


Measurement of GAD-7 & PHQ-9 are intelligently embedded within the mental health history using a patient centric design. This ensures patient completion rate is high and includes the validated tools calculated score for clinicians as part of the history note.


An efficient way to obtain a patient history prior to a virtual care appointment. Over 300 common health conditions, includes a general medical history and medication history.


Clinical content curated to support all common conditions. Hx note supports clinical documentation for busy clinicians. Most suitable for high volume centres that serve low acuity patients.


The clinical history is formatted for a nurse to review with the patient, facilitating further discussions. The nurse can use it for their documentation and for consulting purposes.

specialty modules

FirstHx’s specialty modules are adaptable and customized for tailored needs.

Available in English, Spanish, French & Arabic

  • Designed using leading subject matter experts
  • Adheres to clinical guidelines
  • Evidence–informed to create specialty histories

Do you have a library of clinical content or forms that needs a refresh?

Outsource the work to the experts! We maintain and update clinical content with expertise in clinical histories to align with most current evidence.

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