Beth Gerritsen Joins FirstHx as Executive Lead

Beth Gerritsen Joins FirstHx as Executive Lead

October 7, 2021

Dr. Chris O’Connor CEO of FirstHx, today announced that Beth Gerritsen will be joining FirstHx as Executive Lead. Beth Gerritsen is actively practicing Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in quality and system change.

“Beth is a great individual with a passion for empowering patients and implementing innovative solutions. Beth has brought real leadership and creativity and to her many diverse projects.   Beth will be a valuable member of the FirstHx leadership team and we are very much looking forward to working with her”

Beth states “when I saw the FirstHx solution I could immediately see how it could help nursing practice which is particularly important at this time of great health care system stress.  FirstHx can help patients communicate with the entire health care team which is an essential part of patient centered care”

First History is a knowledge-based application that patients use on their smart phone to record their unique medical histories before seeing their health care provider. Once recorded the history can then be shared with the health care team.  FirstHx was founded by two physicians Mark Benaroia and Roman Ellison and Ziv Kenet who lead technology development and operations.  They created FirstHx when they saw an opportunity for technology to improve the often difficult and time-consuming process of patients telling their medical stories to the health care team.  Now with over 7 years of development work and clinical trials FirstHx is being used in both primary care and urgent care settings.


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