Dr. Kufaishi Launches FirstHx Weight Loss Module

Dr. Kufaishi Launches FirstHx Weight Loss Module

June 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Hala Kufaishi has implemented the FirstHx Specialty Module, ObesityMedicineHx, in her practice. Designed specifically for specialists working in weight loss management clinics, this specialty history module offers tailored solutions to engage patients, streamline clinical processes and improve quality.    

Since integrating the FirstHx Specialty Module into her practice, Dr. Kufaishi has doubled her throughput, seeing more than twice as many patients in a day, allowing her to improve her productivity while maintaining high quality care.   

Dr. Kufaishi has experienced remarkable benefits. In just three weeks, she has witnessed a significant reduction in documentation time, enabling her to devote more time to patient care. “I am truly impressed with the FirstHx Specialty Module, ObesityMedicineHx.”  

Dr. Kufaishi shares. “It has revolutionized my practice by saving me precious time in documentation, allowing me to provide more efficient care.”    

ObesityMedicineHx is a game-changer for clinicians in weight loss management and internal medicine. Its patient engagement tools and tailored features empower specialists to provide comprehensive care while ensuring a seamless and efficient clinic experience.   

Join Dr. Hala Kufaishi and the growing community of clinicians who are embracing the FirstHx Specialty Module. Experience the transformation in your practice, enhance patient care, and achieve greater professional satisfaction. 


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