FirstHx and Rocket Doctor Improving Virtual Care for Patients and Physicians

FirstHx and Rocket Doctor Improving Virtual Care for Patients and Physicians

April 27, 2022

We are now two months into our partnership with Rocket Doctor, a rapidly growing innovative virtual care platform, and the results have been truly remarkable:

  • 97% positive interaction reported by patients after using FirstHx

  • Patients have given FirstHx an average rating of 4.7 out of 5

  • Over 70% of patients choose to use FirstHx as part of their patient care experience

The Rocket Doctor team reports the application is easy to use and saves significant amounts of time:

  • FirstHx has reduced the time physicians spend on documentation, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients.

  • Physicians have stated that they use the medical patient history report created by  FirstHx over 80% of the time for documentation

  • FirstHx asks many of the routine questions so the physician can focus on what is unique about each patient

According to William Cherniak the CEO of Rocket Doctor:

“ I’m thrilled at how well the initial launch has gone with FirstHx at Rocket Doctor! I’ve been hearing great feedback from our care coordinators, MDs and patients that the system is smooth and efficient, and the output helpful in freeing up MD-time to really focus on discussing a patient’s health, rather than asking a series of questions. Putting the human back in healthcare by leveraging advanced technology is the name of the game at RD! “

These results are very exciting and a great validation of the positive impact FirstHx can have on patient care.   And most exciting of all is we are just beginning – there are many new additional features coming to further improve the patient care experience.


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