MD Connected Implements FirstHx

MD Connected Implements FirstHx

August 15, 2023

MD Connected has implemented the FirstHx solution for patients seeking care in both virtual and in-person care settings.

“We are very pleased with the positive impact FirstHx is having on our patients and clinical workflow,” says Venky Weylagro, CEO of MD Connected. “Patients love how the solution helps them tell their medical stories, and our clinicians appreciate the improved efficiency and quality.” “We recently implemented PedsHx for our pediatric population, which has been very well received by parents. FirstHx helps them prepare for and get the most out of their time with the clinician,” says Dr. Filza Naveed, Chief Medical Officer.

Chris O’Connor, CEO of FirstHx, says, “We are very excited to be supporting MD Connected as they continue to rapidly grow their programs.”

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