FirstHx Appoints Kirsten Lewis as Chief Operating Officer

FirstHx Appoints Kirsten Lewis as Chief Operating Officer

March 20, 2024

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 20, 2024 — FirstHx (, a clinician-led leader in AI-powered patient intake solutions, today announced the appointment of Kirsten Lewis as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Lewis will scale operational performance and drive adoption of the company’s AI-guided patient intake software application across various healthcare settings, focusing on optimizing processes, enhancing productivity, and ensuring exceptional service delivery to providers, patients, and the broader community.

“We are thrilled to have a clinician executive like Kirsten join us in our next stage of growth and innovation,” said Chris O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer of FirstHx. “Her background in advanced transformational healthcare leadership and operations management brings a wealth of experience to strengthen our team in delivering outstanding services that improve clinician productivity, quality of care, and the patient experience.”

A registered nurse for 30 years, Kirsten has excelled in several leadership roles, demonstrating clinical and operational excellence, implementing strategic and digital transformation initiatives, and leading high-performing teams.

Most recently, she was Senior Vice President of Clinical Research and Development at Think Research, a leader in delivering knowledge-based digital health software solutions that empower more than 300,000 clinicians in over 11,000 facilities in eight countries to standardize care and improve health outcomes for millions of patients. She was instrumental in designing innovative tools that deliver evidence-based research and best practices to clinicians at the bedside.

Prior to Think Research, Kirsten was a Clinical Manager at the University Health Network (UHN) in Canada, managing multiple large-scale clinical programs. At Toronto General Hospital (TGH), she focused on innovative care delivery models, improving patient flows, enhancing quality of care, and maximizing capacity.

In 2012, as Manager of Regional Chronic Kidney Disease Programs at Ontario Renal Network, Lewis led the province-wide rollout of value-based innovations, improving service quality and ensuring seamless coordination and connection of required clinical services. She also provided expert clinical consultation supporting the establishment of expert advisory groups on quality standards and regional care models to improve outcomes for individuals affected by kidney disease.

“We have a unique opportunity to reimagine the patient experience and set the gold standard with AI-guided patient intakes,” says Lewis. “I am honored to collaborate with best-in-class clinicians and experts at FirstHx to digitally transform the medical history-taking process to improve the clinician workflow, patient care, and the patient experience by orders of magnitude.”

Lewis holds a Master of Business Administration and Management, and a Master of Science in Nursing, Leadership, and Education, as well as clinical specialization in Nephrology and Critical Care.


FirstHx Corp. ( is a pioneer of AI-powered patient intake solutions that streamline the medical history-taking process for patients and providers in Canada, the United States, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). In less than five minutes, the knowledge-based, AI-guided smartphone application allows patients to record their unique medical histories before their visit. The patient history is shared with the healthcare team, which uses the in-depth data insights to inform decisions and prioritize inclusive, patient-centered healthcare. FirstHx’s intelligent platform delivers a faster, more accurate, and more efficient clinical workflow, enabling better outcomes and a convenient patient experience with shorter wait times.


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