FirstHx Selected to Join Fulcrum Venture Accelerator’s Sixth Cohort

FirstHx Selected to Join Fulcrum Venture Accelerator’s Sixth Cohort

April 15, 2023

FirstHx has been chosen to join the sixth cohort of Fulcrum Venture Accelerator. This prestigious selection marks an important milestone for FirstHx as we look to revolutionize medical history taking with their adaptive knowledge-based solution.

Sharn Bassi, Program Manager at Fulcrum Venture Accelerator, expresses enthusiasm for the visionary founders and their potential to create scalable companies that make a positive impact. “Our cohort companies are selected based on the founder and potential to make a positive impact. We are excited by these visionary founders and their ability to build scalable companies that make a difference,” said Bassi.

“We are thrilled to have been selected for the Fulcrum Venture Accelerator,” said Chris O’Connor, CEO of FirstHx. “With our transformative solution, this program will provide the necessary support to secure funding and establish partnerships crucial for our growth and scalability.”

About Fulcrum & Fundraising Mastery

Fulcrum Venture Accelerator’s mission is to empower human potential by identifying the most promising entrepreneurs working on impactful startups and guiding them through an intensive process of fundraising development to secure seed financing. Since 2019, Fulcrum has worked with over 75 promising young companies, and through the Fulcrum process, alumni have raised more than $35 million in pre-seed and seed funding.

About FirstHx

Exceptional healthcare begins with precise history. Harnessing AI, FirstHx enables patients to share their comprehensive medical stories with healthcare teams. Elevating quality, efficiency, and the patient experience, FirstHx is paving the way for a new era of personalized care.

See the original announcement from Fulcum Venture Accelerator here.


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