Orchid Healthcare Solutions and FirstHx Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Cancer Care Navigation and Outcomes

Orchid Healthcare Solutions and FirstHx Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Cancer Care Navigation and Outcomes

May 29, 2024

MIAMI and TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 29, 2024 / — Orchid Healthcare Solutions, an innovator in cancer care and navigation services, and FirstHx (First History), a clinician-led pioneer in AI-powered patient intake solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to improve the patient care and navigation experience for cancer patients. FirstHx’s adaptive AI-guided patient intake solution will be integrated to the Orchid Oncology Navigation Solution, enabling oncology care teams and patient populations to navigate cancer care services and improve the patient journey.

AI-guided Pre-visit Intake

“We’re thrilled to partner with Orchid Healthcare Solutions in our shared mission to enhance the patient journey for cancer patients,” said Kate Groff, chief nursing officer of FirstHx. “FirstHx digitizes the medical history-taking process, ensuring that the care team has accurate and comprehensive patient data to inform effective care planning, coordination, and navigation. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make things easier for cancer patients.”

Orchid Oncology Navigation Solution

“Preventing delays in cancer treatment that contribute to health disparities is our mission and focus,” said Rochelle Prosser, chief nursing officer and founder of Orchid Healthcare Solutions. “The burden of paperwork often hinders patients from promptly seeing their specialized oncologists. This is why we are proud to partner with FirstHx. Their expertise in medical record consolidation to clinical trial submissions brings back the human touch to patient-centered care. Their clinician-led approach resonates deeply with our core values. We are excited about the future possibilities this partnership will bring in advancing patient access together.”

How it Works: Creating End-to-End Value for Patients and Providers

The partnership between Orchid Healthcare Solutions and FirstHx creates a seamless experience for cancer patients and the care team.

The clinical encounter begins with FirstHx sending a text or email to the patient, prompting them to complete an adaptive, AI-guided medical history on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop before seeing the provider or nurse. The adaptive questions provide the most precise and comprehensive contextual patient medical history data, enhancing the encounter with the care team.

The patient data is integrated to the Orchid Oncology Navigation Solution, where nurses and the care team access the patient’s current and historical data alongside the full spectrum of oncological care reports. With a full view of the patient’s history and individual situation, the oncology care team can:

  • Create a better patient care plan and improve the patient journey;
  • Promote patient awareness and resources around system navigation;
  • Expand therapeutic options aimed at improving quality of life; and
  • Measure the impact of care navigation and expanded oncological access on outcomes.

Patient and Care Team Benefits

This partnership ensures that cancer patients receive the most informed and effective care, with streamlined navigation and support throughout their treatment journey. For nurses and the care team, the collaboration increases productivity, reduces administrative burdens and burnout, and improves quality of care and face-to-face visits.

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Orchid Healthcare Solutions, ( is an innovator of cancer care and navigation services whose goal is to restore the patient’s dignity in their cancer care journey. The company’s Orchid Oncology Navigation Solution is a software platform that provides access to a comprehensive oncology database and navigation services, empowering adult and pediatric cancer patient populations to navigate diagnosis, treatment, referral services, and therapeutic options. Orchid’s nationwide database of active treatments and treatment centers is an invaluable resource that assists providers, researchers, patients, and caregivers in finding answers.


FirstHx Corp. ( is a pioneer of AI-powered patient intake solutions that streamline the medical history-taking process for patients and providers in Canada, the United States, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). In less than five minutes, the knowledge-based, AI-guided smartphone application allows patients to record their unique medical histories before their visit. The patient history is shared with the healthcare team, which uses the in-depth data insights to inform decisions and prioritize inclusive, patient-centered healthcare. FirstHx’s intelligent platform delivers a faster, more accurate, and more efficient clinical workflow, enabling better outcomes and a convenient patient experience with shorter wait times.


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