Rocket Doctor Partners with FirstHx

Rocket Doctor Partners with FirstHx

April 4, 2022

Partnership lets patients tell their health story prior to meeting with their physician on the virtual Rocket Doctor platform.

April 4, 2022 – Rocket Doctor is excited to announce the integration of FirstHx into their virtual care marketplace, further enabling the most advanced digital health ecosystem available for patients and physicians today.

This partnership enables patients to seamlessly input their medical history on a smart phone or home computer prior to their online appointment with a Rocket Doctor physician. Such integration of real-time and historic medical data means both patient and clinician get the most out of every interaction. The initial implementation of FirstHx into the Rocket Doctor platform will be for Canadian patients, and will soon expand to the United States.

“We have been very impressed by the positive impact FirstHx has had on our patients, our clinicians and our organizational workflow,” said Dr. William Cherniak, CEO and founder of Rocket Doctor. “Patients love the natural interview approach of the application and how it gives them time to think about their medical history before seeing their physician. Then the healthcare team really appreciates the time saved in documentation, added insight into patients’ reason for visiting, and overall it improves the care experience. It has been great to use.”

Chris O’Connor, CEO of FirstHx, “This is a great demonstration of the positive impact FirstHx can have on patients and healthcare organizations. We have been impressed by how Rocket Doctor has seamlessly integrated FirstHx into their clinical workflow. Almost 100% of patients report that the FirstHx solution is helpful to them in their care process. We are looking forward to strengthening our partnership with Rocket Doctor as we continue to develop improved features and new functionality.”

About Rocket Doctor

Rocket Doctor is a rapidly growing digital health marketplace transforming the way comprehensive care is delivered across North America, by bringing an advanced doctor’s office directly to patients’ homes. They are a passionate group of medical doctors, researchers, technical experts, and patient care professionals who believe every person deserves access to quality healthcare. Though they launched only 18 months ago, they have now cared for over 135,000 patients across Canada (currently Ontario, Alberta and BC) as well as the State of California with over 350 physicians of all specialties running virtual practices.


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